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Evolution of Sex
48th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction
18–22 June 2015
San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
Puerto Rico Convention Center

SSR 2015

The 2015 Program Committee invites you to participate in an exciting new initiative in San Juan! Click here to learn more.

President's Call to Action!

Each year, hundreds of trainees from the US and many international countries (34 this year) attend the SSR meeting. Many of these trainees need financial assistance to attend this wonderful meeting. The need for financial assistance is even greater now, because of the inhospitable funding climate.

This year, 151 US and international trainees qualified for a grant from the Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund (LEMTTF) to assist with travel expenses to the SSR meeting. This number represents a 74% increase over the number of LEMTTF grants that were awarded at the 2014 SSR meeting. To encourage trainees to attend the SSR meeting, this year the Board elected to increase the amount of LEMTTF funding per award. Although SSR received a meeting grant from the NICHD this year, only about $10,000 of this award can be allocated to trainee travel awards. Also, donations to LEMTTF have been uncharacteristically sparse. As a result, the LEMTTF has a short fall of $24,000 for the 2015 Annual Meeting. Hence, we have a challenge!

The Endowment Committee and President invite all SSR Regular, Associate, and Emeritus members to help our trainees by contributing to the Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund. We realize that many of you have already contributed but hope that your generosity will continue; after all, the future of SSR rests in the hands of our Trainees. What better way to secure their loyalty than to enable them to attend the annual meeting?

It is very easy to contribute—just visit the donation page on the SSR website. In the "Donate" paragraph, you will find a link to the "online donation form," where you can select "Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund." You will also find instructions for submitting paper donation forms by mail to the SSR Business Office.

Many thanks to each of you for your support of the Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund and of SSR! See you in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Richard M. Schultz, Ph.D.

From the President

The Annual Meeting serves many functions, but a central function is to provide a forum for its members to re-connect and become energized, revitalized, rejuvenated, and excited to initiate new experiments as a result of presentations and conversations with colleagues. Because the meeting serves as an important opportunity to attract new members, the program must have broad appeal that not only meets the needs of our membership but also piques the interest of scientists who do not view themselves as reproductive biologists.

The theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting, "Evolution of Sex," is deliberately designed to appeal not only to SSR membership but well beyond. And recognizing that many people can only attend one or perhaps two meetings a year due to the current funding climate, the meeting's format has evolved to a meeting-within-a-meeting, with morning sessions that should be of interest to every attendee and afternoon Focus Sessions that will appeal to the specialist.

Program Co-Chairs John Eppig and Sarah Kimmins and I have pulled out all stops for the 2015 Annual Meeting, and have invited the best scientists in the world to speak. With this exciting program, it is important that every member of SSR attends the 2015 meeting. There is no excuse for not attending! The program will be fantastic, and San Juan is an attractive and readily accessible and affordable destination point. Our program is singularly exciting and provocative, just as the theme promises.

Richard M. Schultz, Ph.D.

From the Program Committee

The famous geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky said, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." Perhaps there is no aspect of biology that is more relevant to this than Reproductive Biology. No matter what our interest in Reproductive Biology—fertilization, germ cell development, reproductive organogenesis, pregnancy, or the nurture and health of offspring—Dobzhansky's vision drives our experimental and conceptual insights. This dictum inspired the theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting: "The Evolution of Sex." Our plan, of course, is to provide an exciting program for Reproductive Biologists, and also for those from the fundamental fields that drive our collective interests and experimental approaches: cell biologists, physiologists, geneticists, epigeneticists, molecular biologists, et al. All are welcome! We have an exciting program for you! See the publicity flyer; please display and disseminate it as you wish.

This year’s meeting will be a particularly valuable experience for SSR trainees:

  • in morning sessions, world-renowned keynote speakers will expound on the meeting theme.
  • afternoon focus sessions will feature six short talks from selected abstracts that will be integrated with the topic of each morning talk.
  • an evening reprise poster session will provide another opportunity for poster viewings and for networking over cocktails with senior SSR members and invited speakers.
  • poster sessions, optionally, will incorporate a pre-recorded audio component, “posters at an exhibition.” Consider creating a 5-minute audio teaser to entice viewers to your poster and showcase your presentation skills.

Please refer to the Letter to Trainees for further information.

Contrary to what you might think, transport to San Juan is surprisingly economical. You will find airfares generally less than to other SSR meeting sites, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy a remarkable cultural and vacation experience outside the meeting with great recreating of all sorts: food, hiking, exploring rain forests, and so forth. The special meeting rates for the hotels will be extended for three days before and after the meeting to encourage an economical family experience. No passport needed for US citizens. You will depart San Juan scientifically inspired yet relaxed by your vacation and cultural experience.

John J. Eppig, Ph.D. and Sarah Kimmins, Ph.D.
SSR Program Committee Co-Chairs

From the Local Arrangements Committee

2015 Annual Meeting

Greetings from the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) members for SSR '15! We are very pleased that San Juan was chosen as the venue for the upcoming annual meeting of SSR, and are looking forward to making this convention not only productive and scientifically engaging—but also an exciting one!

Our responsibilities as members of the LAC are many and include organizing some of the social activities, helping with fundraising, designing a logo for the official T-shirt, developing an outreach activity for high school students, and organizing a 5K fun run/walk. We are looking forward to working alongside various SSR Committees and the Business Office to ensure a smooth and memorable meeting.

For most of us LAC members, Puerto Rico is our homeland, so we have decided to share the task of promoting the island's don't-miss sites and activities. While there is plenty to do in Puerto Rico's capital city, San Juan, we would like to encourage you to stay some extra time, bring your family, and visit the rest of the island. Check out our blog series to learn more about where to go and what to do in San Juan and beyond.

See you in June 2015!

Idhaliz Flores, Ph.D.
SSR Local Arrangements Committee Chair

SSR 2015 graphics created by Doridalia Lozada and Martin Negron Perez. Reprinted with permission.


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