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Steve and Monika’s Hawai’i

Dear SSR Members:

Earlier this year the SSR asked Steve and Monika Ward, who are both at the University of Hawaii, if they would consent to write an unconventional travelogue on their experiences in Hawaii. They graciously agreed to do this, and here is the first part of “Steve and Monika’s Hawai’i,” a four-part series consisting of their views of this magnificent state. They will highlight one island at a time, in one-month intervals, with the purpose of sharing with SSR members some of their personal views of Hawaii that may not be found in traditional guide books. This first part describes the island of Hawaii, also known as “The Big Island,” which is the site of the SSR meeting in May 2008. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this series and that it will be a part of the incentive that you need to attend the 2008 meeting in Kona. I hope that you will all read this wonderful description of the Big Island from Steve and Monika and will look forward to each successive edition.

Doug Stocco
President, SSR