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2010 Annual Meeting Trainee Information

Trainee/Mentor Luncheon

The Trainee-Mentor Luncheon provides Trainee participants with the opportunity to talk with an SSR scientist about careers and science during a catered lunch. For more information, please see the Trainee/Mentor Luncheon page.

Trainee Mentoring Award and Trainee Forum

The Trainee Mentoring Award is presented each year at the SSR Annual meeting to an SSR member who has consistently demonstrated a measure of support and guidance to Trainees that far exceeds the basic responsibilities required of an academic advisor. Please check back for more information about the Trainee Mentoring Award and the Trainee Forum.

Trainee Grants and Awards

The following grants and awards are available to trainees attending the meeting:

Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund (LEMTTF)

See our Travel Grants and Fellowships page.

SSR Trainee Research Awards

See our Trainee Research Awards page.

USDA NRI Merit Awards

See our Travel Grants and Fellowships page.

Lalor Foundation Merit Awards

See our Travel Grants and Fellowships page.

Travel Grants for Underrepresented Minority Trainees and Junior Faculty

See our Travel Grants and Fellowships page.

FASEB MARC Travel Awards to SSR 2010

The FASEB MARC program ( offers opportunities for travel awards to the SSR annual meeting for underrepresented trainees. Trainees must be presenting a poster or making an oral presentation. Because SSR is a member of FASEB, interested and eligible individuals may apply for funding to support travel to this year’s SSR meeting. Note that the application is restricted to underrepresented trainees who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.A. More information is available at:

Placement Service

The SSR Placement Service provides a vehicle for introducing potential candidates to potential employers seeking to fill predoctoral, postdoctoral, industrial, technical, and faculty positions. This web-based service allows candidates and employers to search for each other in real-time, anytime. Potential employers are encouraged to create an account and post their position in advance of the annual meeting—be sure to indicate whether you will have a representative at the annual meeting to meet with position candidates. Position seekers are encouraged to create an account to create their profile and view downloadable information.

Roommate Referral Service

The SSR’s Roommate Referral Service is being coordination by the Trainee Affairs Committee. The Roommate Referral Service connects meeting attendees (not just trainees) with other attendees seeking roommates for the meeting. The SSR Roommate Referral service is now closed. The deadline for submitting a referral request was 2 July.


The Trainee Volunteer Subcommittee, or TVS, is a committee formed by the Society to provide structured opportunities for trainees to participate in the annual meeting. This year, the Trainee Volunteers are being organized by Dan Poole and Sadie Murdie, who write:

2010 Call for Trainee Volunteers!!!

The 43rd Annual SSR Meeting is rapidly approaching and we need your help to make this year’s meeting a huge success! Trainee volunteers are responsible for the behind the scenes action, including helping with:

  1. Pre-Registration Desk
  2. Slide Preview Room
  3. Signage
  4. Placement Service
  5. Posters
  6. Sessions and Symposia
  7. Social Events
  8. Trainee-Mentor Luncheon

SSR is especially devoted to enhancing the trainee experience; therefore, if you plan to attend this year’s meeting in beautiful lakeside Milwaukee, we strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to participate as a trainee volunteer. Volunteers will receive an SSR t-shirt in appreciation of their help.

AND…it’s a great way to meet peers and network with influential scientists in our field!

Past Volunteer Testimonies - Benefits for All!

“While demonstrating leadership and service to my society I had the opportunity to meet several scientists. Regardless of whether the discussion led to potential career opportunities, help with my own research, or just learning more about the people in our field of study, these conversations were always fruitful.”—Rebecca Bott
“Every little bit of assistance a volunteer can give greatly helps the overall goal of running a seamless meeting that is respected by the scientific community. Furthermore, I met a professor whose work with ovaries has had a great impact on my own thesis project!”—Sadie Murdie
“I will definitely be volunteering for this committee in future meetings as long as I am a trainee.”—Cecily Bishop

If you are interested and/or have questions or comments, please contact either Daniel Poole or Sadie Murdie. You can download the sign-up form below.