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Greetings from Penn State and the 2012 Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee!

We look forward to welcoming you to Penn State University in August, and we are working “full-steam ahead” to make the meeting an enjoyable experience for all participants. We will continue to send useful information in the coming months, but right now we want to get two messages out to SSR members: First, if you want to fly directly into State College (and you should), make your flight reservations NOW. Once those flights fill up, you will need to fly into a nearby airport (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington), rent a car, and drive to State College. Second, reserve your room in the dorms! If you do, you will be comfortable, close to the sessions, and well-fed; you will also save money!

The general meeting sessions will begin at 12:30 PM on Sunday, 12 August, and the BBQ/Dance will be on Wednesday evening, 15 August. The Trainee Forum will be a grant-writing workshop put on by folks from NIH on Sunday morning. The Editorial Retreat will also be Sunday morning. So, if you plan to attend either of those events, you will want to arrive on Saturday, 11 August. If you make your flight reservations now, you should have no problem flying directly into State College (University Park) airport (SCE), which is only 5 minutes from campus. We will also provide you with ideas about things to see and do in the area if you arrive early.

Second, don’t be afraid of the dorms!!!! We have talked to a number of people who tell us they just don’t think they can go back to staying in a dorm. Believe us, these are not the dorms you remember from campus meetings of the past. They are clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned. If you want a private room/bath, stay in Eastview Terrace. If you want to buddy-up to save some money, stay in North Dorms. Eastview is closer to the dining commons for breakfast and across the street from College Avenue―where all the restaurants and bars are located. North Dorms is closer to the afternoon scientific sessions. There is a map on the SSR website if you would like to see where these are located on campus relative to the scientific sessions. To reserve a dorm room, go to the Accommodations page of the SSR Annual Meeting website, fill out the reservation form, and call or fax it in to the dormitory reservations desk. You may specify friends whom you wish to be located near, or if in North Dorms, share a room. Now don’t worry, the dorms are not just for the students. Joy Pate, who lives only 15 miles from campus, has already reserved her room in the dorm, as have some well-known Emeritus members of SSR. So if we old folks can do it, so can you! It will be fun!

We’ll provide more information in upcoming messages, but for now, if you have any questions for us on the local arrangements committee (venue access, travel, etc.) you can e-mail us directly at For questions related to the meeting program or other details, contact the SSR Business Office at