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Scientific Sessions

(In Progress—information is subject to change)

Keynote Address

President’s Symposium

Plenary Lecture

Anita Payne New Perspectives in Reproductive Biology Lecture

Minority Affairs Symposium

Ovarian Workshop Module

The Oocyte

Debate: Can We and Should We Be Freezing Oocytes From Humans?

Ovarian Cancer

Debate: Cellular Origins of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Workshop Keynote

Ovulation and PCOS

Ovarian Toxicology

The Cutting Edge—Follicle Reserve

Dynamics of Testicular Function Module


Testis Immune Function

The Spermatogonial Stem Cell Niche

The Spermatogonial Stem Cell Niche: State-of-the-Art Talk

Epigenetic Regulation, Sperm Quality, Trans-generational Effects


RNA Biology and Spermatogenesis I: Young Investigator Seminar

RNA Biology and Spermatogenesis II: Cutting Edge

Reproductive Tract Biology and Pregnancy Outcomes Module

Recent Concepts of Periimplantation Biology

State-of-the-Art Talk


Regulation of Immune Responses in Reproductive Tissues

State-of-the-Art Talk

Immune Responses to Gestation Signals

Translational Models for Endometriosis Research

Joint Minisymposium by SSR and SGI

Transgenerational Effects of Toxicants

Endometrial Cancer

Environmental Influences on Reproduction

Impact of Maternal Diet and Stress on Offspring

Young Investigator Seminar: Impact of Maternal Diet on Offspring

Environmental Influences on Reproduction: Diet, Stress, Toxicants

Assisted Reproduction: Current Frontiers and Emerging Technologies

Impact of Maternal Factors on Embryonic Development

Assessment of Oocyte and Embryo Quality

ART—Is It Worth the Risk?

Reproductive Neuroendocrinology

Hypothalamic Control of Reproduction

Young Investigator Seminar: The Foxy Pituitary: Emerging Roles for Forkhead Transcription Factors in Gonadotrope Development and Function

Knocking Out Genes in Neuroendocrine Tissues

ASRM Distinguished Research Scientist

2012 SRF New Investigator

SSR New Investigator