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PLEASE NOTE: Online donation payment is not currently available, as we are transitioning to a new system. In the mean time, however, you can still donate by fax or mail, by using our PDF  Golden Anniversary Donation Form.

Contributions from Members and friends are used in their entirety to support the programs through which the Society pursues its objectives. With your help, SSR will continue to serve the world community by focusing on important problems in human and animal reproduction relative to medicine, agriculture, and basic biology.


To make an immediate contribution to the charitable fund(s) of your choice (see below for descriptions). Donation forms may be printed and mailed to the SSR Business Office. The Golden Anniversary Donation Form allows you to additionally pledge future donations. 

The Society is a 501(c)(3) corporation, and all gifts are U.S. tax deductible. All donations and their tax deductibility are acknowledged by a letter from the SSR President in January of each year, and donors are listed in the February issue of the SSR Newsletter. Contact the Executive Director for a copy of the IRS document that confirms the tax deductibility of your gift to the Society or the Endowment Fund.

Golden Anniversary Campaign

The purpose of the SSR Golden Anniversary Fundraising Campaign is to obtain resources to maintain and enhance the outstanding program and services SSR provides its membership and its community over the next 50 years. This Campaign is consistent with the theme for the 50th Annual Meeting in 2017, "50 years of SSR research, looking back and moving forward."

This Campaign is intended to strengthen SSR's endowment and to sustain and support to its members, including but not limited to the following:

  • An enriched annual meeting scientific program;
  • Travel support to the annual meetings for trainees and new investigators;
  • Develop the SSR as an international society;
  • Provide seed money to promote collaboration in translational research;
  • Organize workshops on career development for new investigators;
  • Outreach activities to promote the importance of reproductive biology and its scope to the public and stakeholders.

2014 Anita Payne Lecture: Dr. Enrica Bianchi

Dr. Enrica Bianchi presents the Anita Payne New
Perspectives on Reproductive Biology Lecture at
the 2014 Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids,Michigan.
This lecture was supported by the Anita Payne
Endowment Fund.

Multipurpose Funds

Anita Payne Endowment Fund: The Anita Payne Endowment was established in 2009 for two purposes:

  1. To provide an Anita Payne Scholarship for SSR trainees to attend leading-edge courses on reproductive biology (e.g., Frontiers in Reproduction, Cold Spring Harbor courses & workshops, etc.).
  2. To fund an Anita Payne New Perspectives on Reproductive Biology Lecture, featuring a talk by a promising junior investigator as a plenary lecture at the SSR Annual Meeting.

SSR Endowment Fund: The Endowment Fund is intended to provide vital resources to enhance the SSR Annual Meeting as a broad forum for reproductive biology. The fund provides:

  • Travel fellowships for trainees from North America and abroad.
  • Travel fellowships for international scientists.
  • Endowed lectures from distinguished scientists.
  • Education programs on topics such as animal use and care, reproductive strategies for endangered species, and the ethics of reproductive technologies.

The fund has been derived entirely from the Society and its members. Therefore, the Society continues to seek support from members, industry, and individuals with a concern for the social importance of reproductive biology.

Program Support

William Hansel Ovarian Research Program Fund: This fund was established in 2015 for the purpose of providing funds to support, at each SSR Annual Meeting, a symposium with a focus on ovarian function as it relates to the broader field of reproductive biology. The symposium will be entitled "The William Hansel Symposium on Ovarian Function."

John J. Eppig Endowment Fund: This Endowment was established in 2013 to support the SSR Annual Meeting program by funding the travel for speakers in a designated module or session on female gametogenesis or follicular development. The session will be indicated as being "Supported by the John J. Eppig Endowment Fund."

Past Presidents' Endowment Fund: Donations to the Past Presidents' Endowment Fund are designated for support of the SSR Annual Meeting.

Virendra B. Mahesh Neuroendocrine Program Fund: The Virendra B. Mahesh Neuroendocrine Program Fund, established in 1997, provides funding for a symposium, plenary session, or similar event at the SSR Annual Meeting with an emphasis on neuroendocrinology as it relates to reproductive biology, specifically in the regulation of ovarian and testicular function.

Member Awards and Travel Funds

Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund: The Larry Ewing Memorial Trainee Travel Fund was established by SSR in honor of the late Dr. Larry Ewing, who was an ardent supporter of SSR's commitment to trainees. The Fund provides travel grants to Trainee Members of the Society to attend and present their research results at the SSR Annual Meeting. It is managed by the Trainee Affairs Committee and is supported by donations, grant monies from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver NICHD/NIH(link is external), and the sale of commemorative t-shirts at each Meeting.

SSR New Investigator Fund: The SSR New Investigator Endowment was established in 2003 by Virendra B. Mahesh, Ph.D., D.Phil., to support the New Investigator Award, which recognizes an active, Regular member of the Society for outstanding research completed and published within 10 years after receiving his/her Ph.D. or other equivalent professional degree.

Trainee Mentoring Fund: The Trainee Mentoring Fund supports the Trainee Mentoring Award, which is given each year to an SSR member who as a mentor has consistently demonstrated a measure of support and guidance to Trainees that far exceeds the basic responsibilities required of an academic advisor.

Journal Support

BOR Legacy Fund: The BOR Legacy Fund supports maintenance and enhancement of Biology of Reproduction.


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