SSR Member Memorials

The following scientists have either been chosen to be honored by the Heritage Committee for their contributions to reproductive biology and their mentoring of trainees, or passed away and live on through their contributions to reproductive science and the lives of the members they touched.

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​W.R. Dukelow Ph.D. (1936–2018)

  • Obituary: Dr. W. Richard Dukelow. Buffalo Hill Funeral Home (Link)
  • Memorial: Founding member of the Society for the Study of Reproduction passed away, Jan. 1, 2018. (Link)

Almquist, John O. (1921–2015)

  • Obituary: Dr. John O. Almquist. Centre Daily Times. (Link)
  • Memorial: Penn State mourns John Almquist, pioneering dairy physiologist. Penn State News. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement. (PDF)

Amstalden, Marcel (1970–2014)

  • Obituary: In Memory of Marcel Amstalden. Dignity Memorial Funeral Chapel. (Link)
  • Memorial: Dr. Marcel Amstalden. Texas A&M University. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement. (PDF)

Barraclough, Charles A. (1926–2009)

  • Obituary: Walker AK. Dr. Charles Barraclough, researcher, teacher. The Baltimore Sun, 27 Apr 2009. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 1990 Carl G. Hartman Awardee (PDF), 1984 SSR Research Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR collection: Robert D. Koos' e-mail announcement; newspaper obituary. (PDF)

Harold R. Behrman

Behrman, Harold R. (1939–2008)

  • BOR memorial: Kodaman PH. In memoriam, Harold R. Behrman, Ph.D., 1939–2008. Biol Reprod 2009; 80(3): 610. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; Robert J. Alpern's e-mail announcement; memorial by Richard Hochberg. (PDF)

Biggers, John D. (died 2018)

  • Obituary: In memory of John D. Biggers, Casper Funeral Services (Link)
  • SSR awards: 1987 Carl G Hartman awardee and SSR President (1968-1969)  
  • SSR collection: Memorial by Jay Baltz, Ph.D. (PDF)

Butcher, Roy L. (1930–2012)

  • BOR memorial: Inskeep EK. In memoriam, Roy L. Butcher, Ph.D., 1930–2012. Biol Reprod 2013; 88(5): 134. (Link)

Carlson, Jack (1939–2004)

  • SSR collection: Mary M. Buhr's e-mail announcement and memorial; newspaper obituary. (PDF)

Lester Earl Casida

Casida, Lester Earl (1904–1986)

  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Inskeep K, Cochrane B, Dailey B, Stormshak F. The seminal contributions of Lester Earl Casida to reproductive biology: experimental design, interpretation, integrity (1904–1986). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1975 Carl G. Hartman Awardee.

Varadaraj Chandrashekar

Chandrashekar, Varadaraj (died 2006)

  • BOR memorial: Sridaran R. In memoriam, Varadaraj Chandrashekar. Biol Reprod 2006; 75(6): 954. (Link)

Cornelia Post Channing

Channing, Cornelia "Nina" Post (1938–1985)

  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Schwartz NB. Cornelia "Nina" Post Channing (1938–1985). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1978 SSR Research Awardee.

Clermont, Yves (1926–2014)

  • Memorial: In memoriam: Dr. Yves Clermont (1926–2014). McGill University. (Link)
  • SSR collection: Louis Hermo and Carlos Morales' e-mail announcement. (PDF)
  • BOR biography: Morales C, Hermo L, and Robaire B. A Man for All Seasons: Celebrating the Scientific Career of Yves Clermont. Biol Reprod 2014; 90(3):51. (Link)

Concannon, Patrick W. (1941–2015)

  • Obituary: Patrick W. Concannon. Ithaca Journal. (Link)
  • Memorial: "We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Patrick Concannon…" International Veterinary Information Service. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement. (PDF)

Dorrington, Jennifer (died 2001)

  • SSR collection: Katja J. Teerds' e-mail announcement; Toronto Globe and Mail obituary. (PDF)

Philip J. Dziuk

Dziuk, Philip J. (1926–2015)

Larry L. Ewing

Ewing, Larry L. (1936–1990)

  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Zirkin BR. Larry L. Ewing: a friend and colleague remembered (1936–1990). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1987 SSR Distinguished Service Awardee.

Riaz Farookhi

Farookhi, Riaz (1944–2013)

  • Departmental biosketch: Riaz Farookhi, PhD SM SB. McGill University, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Updated 5 Apr 2011. (Link)
  • Newspaper obituary: Farookhi, Riaz. The Gazette, 1 Nov 2013. (Link)
  • SSR's e-mail announcement. (Link)

First, Neal (1930–2014)

  • Obituary: Neal Lloyd First, PhD. Cox Funeral Home. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1991 SSR Research Awardee.

Robert H. Foote

Foote, Robert H. (1922–2008)

  • Article for SSR: Foote RH. Science, scientists, and society. Madison, WI: Society for the Study of Reproduction; 2007:1-6. (PDF)
  • BOR memorial: Parks JE, Butler WR, Kaproth MT, Seidel GE Jr. In memoriam, Dr. Robert H. Foote, 1922–2008. Biol Reprod 2009; 80(5): 1081-1082. (Link)
  • Newspaper articles.
    • Lowery G. Bob Foote, pioneer in livestock in vitro fertilization and reproduction, dies at 86. Cornell Chronicle, 3 Nov 2008. (Link)
    • Maugh TH 2nd. Robert H. Foote dies at 86; Cornell researcher laid groundwork for cloning of animals. Los Angeles Times, 7 Nov 2008. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 2000 Carl G. Hartman Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; service to SSR; trainee programs funded. (PDF)

Claude Gagnon

Gagnon, Claude (1950–2012)

  • BOR memorial: O'Flaherty C, de Lamirande E, Leclerc P, Lefievre L, Robaire B. In memoriam, Claude Gagnon, Ph.D., 1950–2012. Biol Reprod 2012; 87(2): 50. (Link)

Glasser, Stanley (1926–2015)

  • Obituary: Stanley Glasser, 1926–2015, Houston Chronicle, 4 May 2015. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement, remembrance from Dr. Bill Schrader, and message from Beth Glasser. (PDF)

Jack Gorski

Gorski, Jack (1931–2006)

  • BOR memorial: Stormshak F. In memoriam, Jack Gorski, Ph.D., 1931–2006. Biol Reprod 2008; 78(3): 565.(Link)
  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Stormshak F. Jack Gorski: scholar, mentor, friend (1931–2006). Society for the Study of Reprodution. (PDF)

Gilbert S. Greenwald

Greenwald, Gilbert S. (1927–2004)

  • BOR memorial: Terranova P. In memoriam, Gilbert S. Greenwald, 1927–2004. Biol Reprod 2005; 72(3): 772. (Link)
  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Norman RL. Gilbert S. Greenwald: mentor and friend (1927–2004). Society for the Study of Reproduction 2008. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1993 Carl G. Hartman Awardee; 1988 SSR Distinguished Service Awardee.

Grotjan, H. Edward, Jr. (1947–2013)

  • Newspaper obituary: Grotjan, H. Edward. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 21 Mar 2013. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's announcement; obituary. (Link)

Guillette, Louis J. Jr. (1954–2015)

  • Memorial: Helbing CC, Tyler CR, Iguchi T. In Memoriam: Louis J. Guillette, Jr. Environ Health Perspect 2015; 123:A250. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement. (PDF)

Matthew P. Hardy

Hardy, Matthew P. (1957–2007)

  • BOR memorial: Akingbemi B, Handel MA, Holmes M, Jansen J, Perreault-Darney S, Robaire B, Schlegel PN, Zirkin BR. In memoriam, Matthew P. Hardy, Ph.D., 1957–2007. Biol Reprod 2008; 78(3): 563-564 (Link)
  • SSR collection: Barry R. Zirkin and Sally Perreault-Darney's e-mail announcement; memorial by Terry Brown; NY Times obituary by Peter N. Schlegel. (PDF)

Norman B. Hecht

Hecht, Norman B. (1940–2013)

  • BOR memorial: Griswold MD, Eddy EM, Goldberg E. In memoriam, Norman B. Hecht, Ph.D., 1940–2013. Biol Reprod 2013; 88(6):163. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 2000 SSR Research Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR's announcement. (Link)

JoGayle Howard

Howard, JoGayle (1951–2011)

  • BOR memorial: In memoriam, JoGayle Howard, D.V.M., Ph.D., 1951–2011. Biol Reprod 2011; 84(5): 1072-1073. (Link)

Donald C. Johnson

Johnson, Donald C. (1927–2004)

  • BOR memorial: Bast J, Terranova P. In memoriam, Gilbert S. Greenwald, 1927–2004. Biol Reprod 2005; 72(3): 772-773. 

Marilyn J. Koering

Koering, Marilyn J. (1938–2008)

  • BOR memorial: Resko J. In memoriam, Marilyn J. Koering, Ph.D., 1938–2008. Biol Reprod 2009; 80(3): 611. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR Business Office's e-mail announcement; Brainerd Dispatch obituary. (PDF)

Robert L. Kroc

Kroc, Robert L. (1907–2002)

  • Memorial: Steinetz BG. In memoriam: Robert L. Kroc—a relaxin pioneer, and so much more. (Provided to SSR by the author; published in multiple sources.) (PDF)

Henry A. Lardy

Lardy, Henry A. (1917–2010)

  • Memorial: Kresge N, Simoni RD, Hill RL. Henry Lardy's contributions to understanding the metabolic pathway. J Biol Chem 2005; 280:e17. (Link)
  • Newspaper articles.
    • Erickson D. Noted University of Wisconsin–Madison researcher Henry Lardy dies at 92. Wisconsin State Journal, 6 Aug 2010. (Link)
    • Finkelmeyer T. Campus Connection: Lardy remembered as great scientist and humanist. The Cap Times, 5 Aug 2010. (Link)
  • Press release: UW-Madison biochemist Henry Lardy dies at age 92. University of Wisconsin–Madison, 6 Aug 2010. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 1984 Carl G. Hartman Awardee. (PDF)

Stanley P. Leibo

Leibo, Stanley P. (1937–2014)

  • Memorials
    • Society for Cryobiology. In memoriam. (Link)
    • UNO News. In memoriam, UNO biology professor Stanley Leibo. The University of New Orleans, 26 Mar 2014. (Link)
  • Newspaper obituary: Leibo, Stanley Paul Ph.D. The Providence Journal, 30 Mar 2014. (Link)

Colin MacCalman

MacCalman, Colin (1966–2011)

  • BOR memorial: In memoriam, Colin MacCalman, Ph.D., 1966–2011. Biol Reprod 2011; 85(2):425. (Link)

Joseph Meites

Meites, Joseph (1913–2005)

  • Newspaper obituary: Meites, Joseph. Lansing State Journal, 2 Feb 2005. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1979 Carl G. Hartman Awardee.

Robert M. Melampy

Melampy, Robert (1909–1984)

  • SSR Heritage Committee biosketch: Anderson LL, Day BN, Ford SP. "Robert M. Melampy: first president of the SSR (1909–1984). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)

William H. Moger

Moger, William H. (1955–2001)

  • SSR collection: Bruce Murphy's e-mail announcement; Ruth Ann Moger's memorial announcement; Halifax Daily News obituary. (PDF)

N. Raghuveer Moudgal

Moudgal, N. Raghuveer (1931–2011)

  • Obituary. (PDF)

Andrew Nalbandov

Nalbandov, Andrew (1912–1986)

  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Resko JA. Andrew V. Nalbandov: a short biography (1912–1986). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1969 Carl G. Hartman Awardee.

Gordon Niswender

Niswender, Gordon (1940–2017)

  • Obituary: Gordon Niswender (link)
  • SSR awards: 2013 Trainee Mentoring Awardee (PDF), 2005 Carl G. Hartman Awardee (PDF), 2001 SSR Distinguished Service Awardee (PDF), 1988 SSR Research Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR Collection: SSR's email announcement. (PDF) SSR Service. (PDF)

Keith L. Parker

Parker, Keith L. (1954–2008)

  • Obituary: Celebrating the life of Dr Keith L Parker (1954–2008). J Endocrinol 2009; 200:125. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 2004 SSR Research Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; memorial service information; Dallas Morning News obituary. (PDF)

Payne, Anita H. (1926–2009)

  • SSR awards: 2004 SSR Distinguished Service Awardee (PDF), 1998 Carl G. Hartman Awardee (PDF).
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; obituary. (PDF)

Irving Rothchild

Rothchild, Irving (1913–2006)

  • Article for SSR: Rothchild I. Induction, deduction, and the scientific method: an eclectic overview of the practice of science. Madison, WI: Society for the Study of Reproduction; 2006:1-13. (PDF)
  • BOR memorial: Castracane VD, Gibori G. In memoriam: Irving Rothchild, Ph.D., M.D. 1913–2006. Biol Reprod 2007; 76(4): 736. (Link)
  • Obituary: The Editors. Irving Rothchild dead at 92. Skeptical Inquirer 2006; 30(3). (Link)
  • SSR awards: 1994 Carl G. Hartman Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; Irv's last poem; New York Times obituary. (PDF)

Lonnie Dee Russell, Jr.

Russell, Lonnie Dee, Jr. (1944–2001)

  • BOR memorial: Bartke A. In memoriam, Lonnie D. Russell, Jr., 1944–2001. Biol Reprod 2002; 66(3):857-858. (Link)
  • Obituary. (PDF)

Robert J. Ryan

Ryan, Robert J. (1927–2008)

  • BOR memorial: LaBarbera AR. In memoriam, Robert John Ryan, M.D., 1927–2008. Biol Reprod 2009; 80(6):1305. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 1991 Carl G. Hartman Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; obituary. (PDF)

Schwartz, Neena B. (died 2018)

  • SSR service: SSR President (1977-1978)  
  • Obituary: Memorial by Chelsea Castleberry, CRS Program Assistant, Northwestern University (Link)

Sheldon J. Segal

Segal, Sheldon J. (1926–2009)

  • Newspaper article: Grimes W. Sheldon J. Segal, who developed contraceptives, dies at 83. New York Times, 20 Oct 2009. (Link)
  • Obituary: Marine Biological Laboratory. Contraception pioneer, former MBL board chair Sheldon Segal Dies at 83. 17 Oct 2009. (Link)
  • SSR awards: 1994 SSR Distinguished Service Awardee. (PDF)
  • SSR's e-mail announcement. (PDF)

Silvia, William J. (1956–2015)

  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement with obituary. (PDF)

Emil Steinberger

Steinberger, Emil (1928–2008)

  • BOR memorial: Grotjan E. In memoriam, Emil Steinberger, M.D. 1928–2008. Emil Steinberger—my mentor and my friend. Biol Reprod 2009; 80(4):843-845. (Link)

Wolf, Richard C. (1926–2001)

  • Obituary. (PDF)

Gordon L. Woods

Woods, Gordon L. (1952–2009)

  • Memorial: Dr. Gordon Woods, 57, one of the premier equine reproduction specialists in the world, died Aug. 20. Colorado State University, 24 Aug 2009. (Link)
  • SSR collection: SSR's e-mail announcement; obituary. (PDF)

Xiangzhong "Jerry" Yang

Yang, Xiangzhong "Jerry" (1959–2009)

  • BOR memorial: McCracken J, Prather R, Seidel G. In memoriam, Xiangzhong 'Jerry' Yang, Ph.D., 1959–2009. Biol Reprod 2010; 82(4):802. (Link)