Membership Types

Bulk Trainee Membership Program

About the Program

The SSR is committed to preparing the next generation of investigators in the reproductive sciences. As an effort to expand the base of trainee members, and to build on its initial successes, the Bulk Trainee Membership Program will continue through 2018. This initiative provides an opportunity for institutions with a conglomerate of laboratories in the area of reproductive sciences to enroll all trainees as a single group at a 10% reduction in dues. The objective is to encourage trainees who have limited financial support for renewing their individual memberships to stay in SSR by offering a discounted membership fee as part of a qualified group. In addition, it is anticipated that a greater number of potential trainee members will be exposed to the SSR activities through this group registration program.

Details of the program are below. We encourage all institutions that meet the minimum criteria to consider the program.

Inclusion Criteria

The minimum number of trainees required to constitute a bulk membership at reduced rates is 10 and includes both postdoctoral and graduate trainees.

Application Process

  1. Each Trainee must complete an Individual Application Form and submit it to the group leader or program director.

  2. The group leader/program director must complete the Application Form Cover Sheet, which asks for a summary of all trainees who will be covered in the “bulk” payment, including the pre- or post-doctoral status of each, the total of the membership fees under the terms of the program (US $49.50 for pre-doctoral trainees, US $63 for post-doctoral trainees), and a commitment to pay the correct amount. Do not send money at this time.

  3. The individual applications and the group application form are then submitted to the SSR office, which will verify the membership status of each trainee. Subsequently, an invoice will be sent to the group leader/program director for the total amount due for the group.

The deadline listed on the form (“Submit this cover sheet and all individual Bulk Trainee Membership Forms”) is December 1, 2017. We expect to receive payment no later than December 31, 2017. Once payment is processed, each Trainee will receive individual confirmation of their membership/renewal.

Applicants will be formally enrolled/renewed as Trainee members of SSR after payment is received and processed; please submit payment promptly when the invoice for the total amount has been received. After payment is processed by the Business Office, each Trainee will receive individual confirmation of his/her membership/renewal.

Additional Information

Please direct questions regarding the program and application process to Shannon Hawkins, Chair, SSR Membership Committee.