Jane C Fenelon, PhD

University of Melbourne

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University of Melbourne


The majority of my research career has been focussed on the fascinating process that is embryonic diapause, the ability of some animals to pause their pregnancy temporarily, then start it up again with no ill-effects. I’m interested in how the uterus and the embryo communicate with each other to coordinate this process and the implications of this for pregnancy in all mammals, including humans. Currently this research is focussed on the tammar wallaby. However, the main focus on my current position focuses on investigating the reproduction and development of the short-beaked echidna. This is exciting as it is the first in-depth study of its kind into monotremes (egg-laying mammals).

I’ve been involved with SSR since 2012 when I became co-chair of the Trainee Volunteer sub-committee and helped organise the 2013 SSR meeting in Montreal, Canada. I’m also a proud FIRbee (Class of 2013). Outside of research I’m an avid long-distance runner and am continuing my efforts to become fluent in French, which I started learning during my time in Montreal. I also love music of all kinds. I play flute, recorder, basic piano and am (slowly) teaching myself guitar.