Geraldine Delbes, PhD

Associate Professor,
Ctr INRS - Inst Armand-Frappier

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Ctr INRS - Inst Armand-Frappier


I graduated from the University Paris 7 (France) where I obtained my B.Sc in Cellular Biology and Physiology. I then received a M.Sc in Reproductive Physiology at the University of Paris 6 in 2001 and my PhD in Reproduction and Development, at the University of Paris-Sud in 2005. After five years of postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University (Montreal) in the Department of Pharmacology, I was a research Associate for Dr. Peter Chan at the department of Urology at the McGill University Health Centre.I was appointed assistant professor at INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier in Environmental Toxicology in September 2012.

My research projects aim to determine how exposure to medical or environmental chemicals during particular periods of sensitivity in life can alter male fertility. Epidemiological evidence suggests a worldwide increase in male fertility issues associated with decreased sperm production, increased incidence of testicular cancer and genital tract anomalies in humans and various wild animals. Data accumulate, demonstrating an adverse effect of exposure to chemicals in the environment or of medical treatments on reproductive function. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in these effects on male fertility are still poorly documented. We seek to characterize these mechanisms in immature germ cells, the precursors of spermatogenesis. Using in vivo and in vitro models in rodent and humans, we investigate gene expression and germ cell programming in response to the chemical environment.