Annual Meeting

SSR 53rd Annual Meeting

Reproductive Biology: Solutions for Adult Disease
July 9-12, 2020 | Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Leading Scientists Will Present Cutting Edge Science On: 

  • In utero placental stressors and offspring health
  • In vitro folliculogenesis
  • Using stem cells to understand reproductive biology
  • Embryogenesis and Implantation
  • Uterine transplantation
  • Gene editing for fertility success
  • Sex determination
  • Inclusivity in STEM
View Keynote and Plenary Speakers HERE

Ovarian Workshop: Developmental Origins of Ovarian Diseases
The workshop will bring together experts in the area of ovarian biology and engage SSR attendees in various topics that will range from germline development to clinical translational research in ovarian dysfunction. View Agenda

Focus Sessions
will include a diversity of model systems  examining common themes across reproductive fields to enhance collaboration and idea sharing.

Focus on Trainees- Several events which will allow trainees to network with representatives from industries to provide more opportunities for their career paths.

The Heritage Lecture- The Heritage Committee is working to bring several illustrious scientists of note to light during oral sessions, in the journal Biology of Reproduction and on the SSR Website.