Registration will open Soon! Early bird dates, workshop fees and other registration information will be posted when registration opens.  Registration fees listed below:

Member Type                                Early Bird                  After Early Bird 

Regular or Associate
SSR Member



Emeritus SSR Member



Trainee SSR Member/Non-Member



Regular or Associate
SSR Member (renewed on 2/1/20 or later) or Non-Member



Save on the SSR Annual Meeting!

The clock is ticking... There are only a few days left to renew your membership in time for the Annual Meeting! All renewals that take place before January 31 can take advantage of the SSR Member registration discount. This is an important benefit to highlight as you can save $300 on registration. Renewals that occur after January 31 will not be eligible for discounts.

Take a moment to renew now to retain access to all of the Society's benefits such as:

  • Access to the Biology of Reproduction (the Society's journal)
  • Ability to hold office, elect members and officers
  • Opportunity to nominate and be nominated for an SSR Award
  • Voice in voting and/or changing the Bylaws
  • and much more!

Our membership team is happy to help you renew, please email or call +1-703-234-4137 if you need assistance.