Annual Meeting

Passport/Visa Information

SSR provides this travel information as a courtesy to meeting attendees. It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure that she/he has the necessary documents, including those for entry into another country or re-entry into his/her own country. It is recommended that you check with your institution's travel department for specific guidance in these matters.

United States Visitors

U.S. citizens 18 and over are required to show a U.S. federal- or state-issued photo ID at airports. See TSA Requirements for the most up-to-date information.

International Visitors

All international visitors to the United States are required to have a valid passport, and some visitors may need a tourist visa. Please consult the embassy or consulate in your own country well in advance of travel to ensure that the appropriate documentation is obtained. We encourage foreign scientists planning to attend the SSR Annual Meeting to apply for a visa as early as possible (at least six months in advance is recommended) and to pay careful attention to U.S. State Department guidance in this matter.

The web site of The National Academies' International Visitors Office (IVO) contains very useful information for scientists traveling to the U.S.

Letters of Invitation

If a visa is required for you to visit the United States, you will also need to carry a letter of invitation. If you require a Letter of Invitation, please email with your request. Please include your preferred mailing address.