2021 Annual Meeting Statement

As we leave 2020 and move into 2021, there is hope and optimism for better things to come. However, issues from 2020 have not magically vanished with the clock striking midnight on December 31st.  We remain in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. Although there is hope with vaccines now available, there are still many uncertainties with respect to the time course of this pandemic.

In regards to the 54th Annual SSR Meeting in St. Louis, MO, the health and safety of our members have to be the first priority. In addition, the financial impact and time constraints imposed by the venues require that we make decisions about when to hold the annual meeting and the ability of members to attend. As such, the SSR Board has decided to move the 54th Annual Meeting from August 4-7 to December 13-18, 2021.  We realize this may represent a major inconvenience for many SSR members and participants. However, it is the only feasible and practical solution at this time that enables us to deliver a safe, in-person meeting in 2021. By making this decision early, we hope that it will allow SSR members to plan to attend the SSR Annual Meeting in December 2021.

We will continue to work with Virtual, our Management Company, and the newly formed SSR Virtual Education Committee to have SSR-sponsored events throughout the year. We will keep you posted on these events, including our annual summer business meeting. For further questions, please contact our Executive Director at executivedirector@ssr.org.

Thank you and stay safe,

Members of the SSR Board