Exotic Species

January 6 Session

 From Worm to Germ: Germ Cell Development and Regeneration in Planarians

  • Phil Newmark (speaker) and Erika Matunis (moderator)

January 13 Session

Evolution of 3D Regulatory Landscapes: Intersexuality in Female Moles

  • Pierre Commizoli (moderator) and Dario Lupianez (speaker)

January 27 Session

Marsupial Reproduction: Lessons from the Pouch

  • Jane Fenelon (moderator) and Andrew Pask (speaker)

February 10 Session

Germ Cell Transplantation in Fish: Mutant dnd Rainbow Trout can Produce Chinook Salmon Gametes

  • Humphrey Yao (moderator) and Goro Yoshizaki (speaker)

Febuary 17 Session

Flipped Over Frogs: How Reproductive Biology Toadally up-ended Conservation

  • Holly Muraco (moderator) and Andrew Kouba (speaker)

Febuary 24 Session

Genital Evolution in Birds

  • Lerrie Ann Ipulan-Colet (moderator) and Patty Brennan (speaker)